Product designing and studying transforms what we know into product planning, making it useful and desirable, as well as technically and economically feasible. Spark Shot keeps designing, testing, producing new products to serve our customers. We have helped more and more people go in for carbon padel racket, carbon squash racket, carbon tennis racket, enjoying better sport life.

We always try to make a great combination of shock resistance, stiffness, weight. During this process, many things are taken into consideration, including racket shape, structure, carbon materials, production feasibility, etc.

During new product developing, we will design different layup versions for comparison, so as to find the best one.

In product design as well as mold 3D design, we will find the best solution to make it feasible for production.


After mold built, we will make samples to look every detail closely, and then prepare for testing, to make sure it meets our requirements as thought in designing.

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