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Tennis Racket Manufacturers

Nanjing Spark shot Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional carbon tennis racket Chinese Manufacturer & supplier. Carbon fiber tennis rackets are made with a composite of carbon fiber, resin, and other materials. This combination creates a lightweight but strong racket frame that can withstand the impact of hard shots. 

Carbon fiber is lighter and stronger than steel but has the same flexibility as metal alloys like aluminum. All of our carbon tennis rackets use carbon fiber composites in the full racket to increase speed and power for shots. Carbon fiber tennis rackets provide this extra power by high modulus carbon fiber into a lightweight and strong frame.

Detail design: the same carbon fiber material as the professional racket is adopted, which can effectively reduce vibration and bring comfortable hitting feel.  The light weight of carbon tennis racket to provide excellent maneuverability and solid pace.

Tennis and tennis racket sports: tennis rackets are suitable for students, lovers, the elderly, primary or intermediate tennis rackets. Suitable for all men and women, it is an ideal choice for professionals and beginners.
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