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How to choose the right carbon racket for you?


1. brand 

Brands are actually the genes of a racket in a sense. Some brands of rackets are balanced, some brands are more suitable for offense, and some are more defensive. 

Although each brand will produce many styles and models in order to enrich the product line, and each brand will also produce rackets with different characteristics (suitable for topspin, flat strike, offense, defense, balance, SLR, etc.), but no matter how the genes change Will change, the main style of racket will not change. If a pure novice buys it, it is recommended to enter a balanced racket first, and those who have a certain foundation can buy it according to their own characteristics. 

2. see parameters 

After choosing the brand, it mainly depends on the parameters. Different weights, racket surfaces, line beds, etc. will have an impact. 

A slight change in the parameters will have a completely different feel to the ball. In a sense, some beats don't suit you, you can't control them. The sparser the line bed, the more suitable it is for spinning, and the denser it is, the more suitable it is for flat strokes. 

3. Look at the value 

There is no uniform standard for appearance. You must choose the right racket and like it. 

After all, a racket has to be with you for more than 3 years, and a good-looking racket will also make you feel good. 

4. experience 

It is best if you have the opportunity to test the shot before buying a shot, so that you can clearly know the feel of your hand, not only stay in the online evaluation, but now many businesses also have similar test shooting services. 

Or try it out with someone else's existing racket. It is mainly to try the rackets that you intend to play. Of course, it is better to have the opportunity to try more rackets, and there are more choices. It is better to hit once than others say 10,000 times. 

5. Compare more 

After the game, of course, you need to compare. There may be better forehand in some beats, better use in backhand, smoother serving, etc. 

At this time, you need to choose what you want based on your own situation. After all, there is no The perfect thing, choose the most suitable one to start with.

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