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Padel Racket

Nanjing Sparkshot Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional China Carbon Padel Racket Manufacturer and China Carbon Padel Racket supplier. Spark Shot focuses on design & production carbon padel racket, carbon beach tennis racket, carbon squash racket, carbon tennis racket etc. 

Face Materials of Carbon Padel Racket:
Fiber Glass
Fiber Glass is the common material, the padel rackets with fiber glass face are good at control, but less durability, suit for the beginner. 

Carbon is widely used in padel racket, carbon is single knit, with strong regidity, more durable than the fiberglass.

3K carbon is the popular materials, it’s warp and weft knit, include the advantages of fiberglass and carbon, stable performance.

12K carbon is the performance range in the middle of 3K and 18K, 12K face is always design for the professional players.

18K carbon provide the padel racket great durability and flesibility, high performance in power and control, 18K range is for top ranked player.

Kevlar carbon padel racket provide high strength and good toughness, this range padel rackets are design for top ranked players.

TRIAXIAL CARBON, it is a 24 K carbon fabric, with 24,000 mono filaments, developed and woven in 3 directions, in this way, in addition to giving more consistency to the face of the racket, it gives a much faster ball output since this carbon, having a 3-way arrangement directions, provides 100% the same mechanical reaction to hitting the ball, regardless of the direction of blow. With a 3-dimensional look it provides a futuristic aesthetic and a unique gaming sensation.

EVA Memory Core of Carbon Padel Racket:

Our EVA is from Evazote (UK). The foam produced by nitrogen foam is pure, without odor, anti -chemicals, no chemical residues, and regular pore  structure. The consistency of the size of the pores is very important. It directly affects the processability of the foam, the consistency of the color, the anti -percussion, and other physical properties.

How to choose a carbon padel racket? 
Round Padel Racket
Round racket are ideal for beginners. They have a medium/low weight balance which makes them handle very comfortable. They also tend to have an amplified sweet spot. And are thus quite forgiving if you don’t hit the ball with exactly the center of the racket (which you should nonetheless always aim to do).
They are rackets that are also ideal for defensive players whose major strength is ball placement. They provide excellent control. And their major downside is lack of power for smashes.

Tear Drop Padel Rackets
These are the most popular type of rackets as they are ideal for intermediate players. They provide a great mix of power and control and can thus help you hit excellent shots with a large variety of effects.
They are very versatile rackets that adapt to all styles of play. Climatic conditions and match situations. It is a mix between diamond and round and has a weight distribution that is very even and shifted towards the center of racket, which gives it the feeling of being very balanced and adaptable to different situations.

Diamond Padel Rackets
These are the favored shape of many professional players. They have a top balance. Which means that most of the weight is distributed away from the grip and towards the top part of the racket. This gives the racket lots of power but on the other hand makes it much harder to control. The sweet spot of the racket is also minimal. Hence this type of racket is only recommended to those who have really mastered all the repertoire of padel shots and can consistently hit the ball with signifacant power and always with the very center of the racket. It is ideal for attack-minded players. Especially those playing on the left side.
If you are switching to diamond-shaped padel racket from another type of racket. It is best to go for a racket that weights a bit less than what you are used to. In order to compensate for the fact that the balance on these rackets is skewed towards the top.

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3K Carbon Fiber Padel Racket

3K Carbon Fiber Padel Racket

SPARK SHOT® is a high end 3K Carbon Fiber Padel Racket manufacturer and supplier in China. With high quality, competitive price. we focus on design & production carbon padel rackets, carbon squash racket, carbon tennis rackets etc.

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